Title: Something's Coming
Artist: DIVA


Composer: Bernstein/Sondheim
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes/Chappell/MCA
Label: Diva/Perfect Sound Ltd.
(c) and (p) 1995 Diva Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Recording Date: 1995
Personnel: Sherrie Maricle, drums (leader); Sue Terry, alto sax 1; Carol Chaikin, alto sax 2; Virginia Mayhew, tenor sax 1; Laura Dreyer, tenor sax 2; Claire Daly, baritone sax; Liesl Sagartz, trumpet 1; Louise Baranger, trumpet 2; Ingrid Jensen, trumpet 3; Elaine Burt, trumpet 4; Lolly Bienfenfeld, trombone 1; Audrey Morrison, trombone 2; Lee Kavanaugh, trombone 3; Mary Ann McSweeny, bass; Janice Friedman, piano

Title: Something’s Coming
Artist: Diva
Type of Tune: progressive, main-stream big band jazz
Tempo: 225 BPM (beats per minute)
Key: F
Form: Intro (Overture) ABAB’ C Interlude
Scales: derivatives of major and melodic minor, blues, pentatonic
Recurring Patterns:
Developmental Techniques:

General Comments:

DIVA, an all-female 15-piece big band that has been touring and recording since the early 1990s, has played a major role in helping breakdown gender stereotypes with regard to instrumental jazz. Something’s Coming originally appeared in the Broadway musical West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein. This exciting, modern big band version was arranged by Michael Abene. For information on ordering the CD, click here.